Nitrogen foam inerting is a simple yet effective process that enables hot work to be carried out on hydrocarbon handling systems in complete safety. The nitrogen foam is injected into a process system at a low point and allowed to completely fill the vessel and pipework, rendering the internal atmosphere inert. On completion of hot work operations, the nitrogen foam disintegrates into small amounts of water, surfactant and gaseous nitrogen. Typical foam inerting applications include vessel and pipework modification and/or replacement, hot cutting and system decommissioning.

Benefits of Nitrogen Foam Inerting:

  • Faster and cheaper than cold cutting alternatives
  • Provides a safe working environment
  • Hot work can be carried out in circumstances which would otherwise be impossible
  • Minimal personnel required
  • Equipment can be sited remotely from the cutting area
  • Fast equipment rig-up
  • Systems are rapidly made inert
  • Nitrogen foam is stable and visible
  • Provides operator greater confidence through visual proof of an inert atmosphere
  • Avoids introduction of excess water into the system
  • No large quantities of containment water to dispose