Global Nitrogen Services (GNS) specializes in Nitrogen Pumping Services, Well Completion, Hydrostatic Testing, Chemical Cleaning, High pressure Pneumatic Pipeline Testing , Pigging, Air Compression and Rental Equipment for the Oil & Gas, Mining, Refining, Shipping and Industrial Process Industries around the world.

Global Nitrogen Services is part of the IGS Group of companies including Generon IGS, Houston Vessel Manufacturing, Houston Compression & Services and ACFM Inc. GNS focuses on the servicing of nitrogen generators, compression packages, gensets, vacuum pumps and well completion foam units. We primarily serve the Oil & Gas market, both on and offshore but are also highly experienced in other applications such as mining.

Global Nitrogen Services was formed to focus on the needs of our customers. The company grew from having a handful of Nitrogen Rental Units available to support our customer’s emergency needs to now one of the largest independent Nitrogen Membrane Generator service companies.

Global Nitrogen Services is located at the same location at its parent Generon IGS. It utilizes the majority of the services provided by Generon IGS. The difference has been the dedication of skilled operators and management personnel to the business unit.

In summary Global Nitrogen Services has developed based on the experience of building over 500 portable nitrogen membrane generators for all the major oil service companies and independent contractors. The units utilized in the Global Nitrogen Services fleet benefit from this vast learning experience.