Global Nitrogen Services exclusively uses Generon IGS Nitrogen Generators during servicing. The Systems are Capable of supplying nitrogen at purities from 90 to 99% with a wide range of flows ranging from 100 SCFM to 30,000 SCFM at pressures from 100 PSIG to 5,000 PSIG with Super boosters.

Nitrogen Generator Key Features:

  • Nitrogen flow rates up to 4,000 SCFM from a single unit.
  • Supply pressures 100 -500 psig standard.
  • Nitrogen purities from 90-99%.
  • Field tested and proven feed air pre-treatment systems to ensure long system life with over 250 systems in operation.
  • Nitrogen dew point down to -70°f.
  • Fully automatic nitrogen purity controls.
  • Systems supplied with certified oxygen analyzers and nitrogen flow meters for accurate monitoring and control.
  • Systems can be supplied with remote operational control and monitoring.
  • Built for all 3rd party certifications, i.e. NIOSH, MSHA, all.
  • Classified areas for explosive gases and dust environments.