GNS provides a wide variety of services to the Oil & Gas, mining, refining, shipping and industrial Markets. We supply nitrogen and air compression with a team of highly trained technicians.

Nitrogen Services

At GNS, we exclusively use equipment specially designed for us by our sister company, Generon IGS. Their patented air separation technology has kept them as the leader in air separation since the mid 90’s. Global Nitrogen Services (GNS) equipment is widely considered the industry benchmark. Capable of producing Nitrogen purity up to 99.9%, the Generon IGS Nitrogen Generator Membrane Module offers the highest purity rates at the lowest operating costs available. To learn more about the technology, please visit Generon’s website.

Compression Services

Our sister company, Generon also supplies the customized air and gas compressors needed. GNS and Generon work closely to customize compressors to meet the stringent demands of the markets we serve.

Services Provided:

  • Pressurizing / Pressure Testing
  • Nitrogen Foam Inerting
  • Purging / De-gassing
  • Drying & Inerting
  • Nitrogen Blanketing
  • Nitrogen Leak Detection
  • Pipeline Pigging
  • Mine Seal Inerting
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery / Gas Lifting
  • Well Completion / Well Cleanout
  • Underbalanced Drilling
  • Gas Lifting
  • Nitrogen Fracking
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Dewatering